Speaking to Ian Hunter – CEO of Hunter Hotels – By Jillie Hunter

I am very partial to this well respected personality of the tourism industry of 30 years, as he is my husband of 28 years. So I will not go on too much about the striking figure he cuts in Blue Jeans and freshly ironed white shirts (the best we can find around the world). Ian has simplified his packing and choice by wearing only black or white shirts. His takes pride and when he has time will iron his own shirt every morning which he does better than any laundry except our one at home.

Ian is also notorious for providing music wherever we go. On travel this is no exception, he provides the best quality he can with the lightest, latest devices that he can find. Duty free has taken on a new interest for someone who used to slip passed.

Ian has tried and tested most headphones and believes in 3 pairs

  1. iPod blue tooth for convenience, keep in your pocket device
  2. The Bose noice cancelling head phones if you’re really want to escape the airplane trip and create your own movie. Bose have been the mastermind behind creating the best in noise cancelling.
  3. For exercising, the Powerbeats 3 are great and clip over your ears; sweat resistant
  4. I would add a 4th pair because of my love of water is a good pair of waterproof head phones. The argument is that mp3 is the better option or the best for Bluetooth is the Plantronics Backbeat FIT sport Headphones.

For sharing music Ian’s new found friend are the bose …… we call them the twins as they speak and when separated to other sides of our hotel room we have a stereo good enough for a small party. Sleek, small with rounded corners they can pack into anything and the convenient back strap means you can attach them to anything i.e. back pack, a Yacht or tent pole, or slip the straps over your hands and walk, dont hold back were you take your music but do be respectful if there are people around you, ask permission and approval of genre, you will be surprised and delighted when you uplift and gift somebody a beautiful musical experience.