A beautifully presented gift is one of life’s little joys

We have put-together many a corporate gift for our journey clients, combining high-end desirable products.  Although I would never travel without my beloved iPad, I have a mission to bring back the art of hand-written letters along with beautiful ranges of stationery, leather journals

& cards. Selective jewellery and art – never excluding accessories for our ever loved electronic devices. We have selected our Gifts for their usefulness in our everyday life and well as those special little indulgences in the form of fragrance, jewellery, cashmere or quality candles.


A selection of coffee table books, Life Story Books, and blank-paged travel journals and recipe books. We have recently revived our African Journals: hand-bound in leather, linen and suede, these Photo Journals are perfect for wine farms, lodges and personal mementos. Stunning A3 and A4 sized, these Journals are bespoke items.


Unique to Urban & Safari is the Brilliant range from Zsiska. Stunning hand-made rings manufactured from resin, pure silver leaf and Swarovski crystals, these rings are stylish, affordable and perfect for any setting. Another simple but elegance array is the South African range of beautiful and subtle, tiny charmed necklaces and bracelets.


Reviving the art of handwritten letters with classical ink fountain pens, letterpress cards, canvas and leather book covers, art sets and journals.


Our signature boxes and gift-wrapping creates a stylish offering. Our ranges are stocked in retail outlets but for bespoke gifting needs please email: