Quality products, authentic in both environments

Ranges carefully selected from trusted suppliers that compliment the Safari and Hotel experiences. These collections work in lodges, hotels or simply incorporated into homes to create the sense of luxury one so often desires after an inspiring trip. Combining the two looks of Urban & Safari and subtly allowing them to work with integrity in their environment – whether it

is bush, city or beach. Through years of experience in the hotel industry and vast product knowledge, we offer a Consultant Agency to advise on individual projects. We believe that every item brought into a scheme should be selected by keeping the environmental setting in mind. Be inspired by distinctive and personal style that optimizes African luxury.


My career started in Interior Design, and most times I find I begin a scheme with the beds. Never underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. We are constantly researching products to help achieve this. Part of our service is to consult, and then create the perfect personalized bed according to budget.


Pamper your body with only the best. The natural products and fragrances, created from essential oils or natural products, incorporate a philosophy of sensuality, love and care.


Here we emphasize the importance of luxury towels that pamper your skin and cocoon your body, along with comfortable gowns to slip into. We have a range of bath and spa towels produced to the highest of standards – both long-lasting and eco-friendly in drying and washing. The Urban & Safari classic stripped beach and pool towels belong wherever you place them and the Kenyan Kikoy Towel is a must to tag along with you.


This is where we dress for romance: faceted candlelight through crystal glass, pearl-white dinnerware and beautifully simple hand-blown champagne glass by the Dutch designer Bremier. An absolute must is ambient lighting and for this we constantly add ranges of candles, holders and eco-friendly solar lights. Dinnerware styles range from funky and artistic to the durable Hotel ranges.


A cultural mix sourced from all over Africa – restored, renewed or redesigned to fit into the modern interior. Campaign style inspired by the pioneering age to contemporary leather and metal combinations.


Lighting is everything in a home. Chandeliers produced out of hand-rolled ceramics beads, to Sophisticated Crystal. Safari style simple solar jars and camping paraffin lanterns to pillar and oil candles, candelabra and Hurricane lamps.


A wide variety of traditionally woven Persians and kilims, naturally hand dyed. These focal items are equally at home on the floor of a bell tent in the Serengeti and a polished marble floor of a palace.


The authentic East African Canvas Bell Tents are multipurpose – used for pop up bedrooms, private yoga studios or a full dinning mess tent. This is as authentic as a safari gets, a combination of original design and technical additions; keeping to the roll up sides for ventilation and views.


We have a selection of stunning black and white photography, bold and life-size, capturing a reality of life of people and animals in unique destinations around Africa.