Speaking to Lina Nel – Sales Director of Newmark Hotels – By Jillie Hunter 

Lina was an inspiration for  me on a recent South African Tourism Road show we attended together  in South America.   She is a woman who sees and enjoys everyone for what they are, she never judges and believes in living in the moment.

She is calm and in control despite being on the road for approx two and a half  months of the year.   A  wife,  a mother and business woman who looks as if she has found her balance.  Most Tourism trade shows are at the end of the year which is back to back with the end of the school year and the activities of her 2 sporty children.  She shows huge gratitude to her husband Altus for his hands on helping of the children “ if it wasn’t for him I could not live out my passion to travel and this industry to work within it”

She glides into the business environment with an air of professionalism, pin skirt, high heels and her awesome mane of strawberry blonde hair immaculately sleeked back showing a perfectly made up sculptured face, this lady means business,  a quiet and connected networker.

All this yet Lina is un-intimidating, when its social time with the group she tosses on her jeans, is warm, caring and fun to be with but I have noticed  she never stays socialising too late.

Early morning you will find Lina at the Gym clocking up her 5 km a day on the treadmill.

Lina’s  Inspiration “ Neil Markovitz her Managing Director,  a visionary man and a wonderful example in the way he lives his life always encouraging balance, to look at life holistically,  always putting family first before work – this is what he imparts to all who work with him“

Lina Travel Tips

  • Exercise – the importance to keep the balance between health and stress levels.    Exercise for the  enjoyment thereof,  if a day is missed its  not too serious,  it is also part of her of taking control of her appearance and health.
  • Hydration – try to drink 3 litres a day especially when traveling.
  • Dressing & Make up – dresses up for work and down for relaxing – Loves Mac, key makeup is always in her hand luggage.


Shopping on travels & Leaving behind

Mostly shops for business clothing, dresses and shoes, when you feel good about yourself you present yourself better, high heels good with a suite.  Portraying a glimpse of the company you work for through how you present yourself .

Try to leave one item behind when purchasing except perhaps for her beloved shoes. I love her touch of leaving neatly folded arrangement of clothing she has replaced and decided not to take back home, this is left neatly folded on the  hotel bed as a  gift to the housekeeper.