Tailor-made travel for your convenience & dynamic travel needs

The Urban & Safari travel team has broad global knowledge. Through years of experience, we are able to offer tailor-made travel, covering all bases of your dynamic travel needs. From specific destinations to personalised travel, we are able to inform and assist regarding local laws,

travel documentation and necessary information regarding the area of travel. Convenience and one-stop travel solutions supporting your company’s business goals.


Thinking out-the-box. Inspiring places and experiences heighten ones’ senses and creativity. We believe that when your mind isn’t restricted to the walls of a boardroom, leaders can explore proactive business ideas that expand potential.


This is when we honour time and seamless flow the most – where everything is thought out and planned in the finest detail. We focus on even the smallest details and holistic planning – no distractions – so you can work hard – and play hard.


Discretion and privacy along with all the creature comforts. Environments are carefully selected for each individual client to best allow for healing, privacy and peace. Supported by the best doctors, medical teams and nutritionists available.


With past experience in taking care of the flight crews responsible for transporting our VVIP guest to their destinations, we assist with flight plans, landing rights and times. We believe it is of the utmost importance to plan the best accommodation close to the airports, with all the necessities for good sleep and rest. We make sure that these teams are taken care of, allowing them to arrive rested and fresh for each flight.