Exotic places to explore & beautiful locations to restore your soul

Escaping from everyday life, most of us are either in search of fun and/or relaxation – a place to celebrate something special or bonding time with a partner, friends or family.  After discovering your reason to travel, we can

create opportunities around your needs – whether its providing exotic places to explore or somewhere beautiful to rest and restore your soul.


As a small, independent company, we pride ourselves in organising and executing seamless, flawless travel – covering all needs of the parties involved. We understand the importance of adhering our client’s specific needs. Where time is of the essence, our expertise and attention to detail results in a truly luxurious trip – be it for business or pleasure.


Having past experience with various Royal Families, these parties are managed with complete efficiency, discretion and security. Only our most trusted are assigned to these trips after a complete revised understanding of each Royal member involved and an honouring of the culture of their country of origin.


The planning of such trips begins with privacy and discretion being of paramount importance. Security in the form of private bodyguards, armoured vehicles and prior holistic planning and preparation. We pride ourselves in offering some of the simple sought after experiences in a safe and secure environment.


Every guest of Urban & Safari is treated as a VIP – we always go beyond the expected: anticipating your wishes and needs. We uphold high standards regarding our customers’ desires and the communities we find ourselves in. Organising access to exclusive events, high-level security and elite travel are just some of our many specialities.


With much personal experience shared as a family traveling together, we have learnt what to do during travel that makes all the difference in spending time together. With foresight and careful understanding of each individual and the dynamics of the family, careful planning is done so that each family member and their needs are looked after.